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Transport 30-11-2016

Commission wants manufacturers to build more internet-connected cars

The European Commission wants car companies to make sure new models have a slew of digital technologies that can cut fuel use and be safer on roads, as part of an EU strategy on internet-connect vehicles published today (30 November).
Digital 15-09-2016

Free Wi-Fi in cities? ‘We panicked for five minutes. Then we realised it’s not serious’

Telecoms companies were as surprised as anyone when Jean-Claude Juncker announced Wednesday (14 September) that the European Commission wants every city and village in the EU to have free public Wi-Fi in some places by 2020.
Economy & Jobs 14-12-2015

A browse among the tombstones

Muscovites already enjoy Wi-Fi in cafes and the metro – but soon they will be able to surf the web wirelessly while visiting their dead. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Digital 22-11-2005

Southeast Europe is a world apart for telecoms, study finds

Southeastern European countries are still far from EU standards when it comes to liberalisation of their telecommunications markets, broadband penetration and other parameters of modern information societies, a report finds. 
Digital 30-07-2003

Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi)

The EU aims to promote the Information Society by developing multiple broadband access platforms, and the Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs, also known as Wireless Fidelity, or Wi-Fi) appear to provide plausible solutions that are relatively cheaper and faster than Third Generation (3G) mobile technologies.