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Trade & Society 08-07-2013

Kennard: We will have a ‘healthy debate’ on Prism and trade

EU and US negotiators are to hold their first round of talks on a long-term trade deal that has been overshadowed by allegations of American spying on EU offices and European governments. But Washington's envoy to the EU, William E. Kennard, foresees a "healthy debate" on trade.
Global Europe 09-09-2011

US Ambassador: 9/11 is ‘time for world to come together’

When we reflect on September 11th and other terrorist attacks, whether in London or Madrid or Mumbai, we have to recognise that this is a global issue that affects all of us, making the anniversary of 9/11 "an international day of reflection," US Ambassador to the EU William E. Kennard told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Euro & Finance 27-04-2010

We’re like ‘Siamese twins’ on banking reform, US tells EU

Although question marks hang over the transatlantic political will to devise common policies to regulate banks, US Ambassador to the EU William Kennard told officials and lobbyists yesterday (26 April) that the two giants were more inseparable than ever, "like Siamese twins".
EU Priorities 2020 05-03-2010

US ambassador proposes joint innovation plan with EU

Beyond the headlines declaring a growing transatlantic divide, Europe and the United Sates still share the deepest and broadest economic partnership in the world and need to forge an innovation action plan rather than dwell on inconclusive debates, said US Ambassador to the EU William Kennard yesterday (4 March) in Brussels.