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  • Cooler heads prevail in EU, China trade row over wine and solar panels

    News | Global Europe 30-07-2013

    China has agreed to discuss dropping its inquiry into whether Europe is dumping wine, the EU's trade chief said on Monday (29 July), after EU and Chinese officials made a deal to avoid tariffs on solar panels from China.

  • Why an EU-China trade war is unlikely

    Opinion | Trade & Society 05-06-2013

    Escalated tensions between the European Union and China over solar panel tariffs is not going to cause a trade war. These disputes are short-lived, even if they are expected to continue in the coming years, explains George Friedman.

  • Sugar mounds and wine lakes? Not likely, quota advocates say

    News | Agrifood 15-03-2013

    Butter mountains and milk lakes. Those were the images invoked in the European Parliament this week by opponents of extending vineyard planting limits and protections for sugar beet farmers.

  • Spirits industry questions death toll in French alcohol study

    News | Science & Policymaking 06-03-2013

    The French have long had a reputation for drinking in moderation. However, a new report states that the reputation is misleading and attributes 49,000 premature deaths per year - or 134 every day - to alcohol-related diseases.

  • Grape producers toast results of planting rights talks

    News | Regional Policy 17-12-2012

    A coalition of grape growers, farm groups and major wine-producing countries appear to have won concessions to European Commission proposals for liberalising vine planting rights that are due to expire by 2016.

  • Grape growers fight to keep planting limits

    News | Regional Policy 03-09-2012

    Grape growers are lining up support from EU national governments and the European Parliament to protect limits on vine planting that are due to expire by 2016, a liberalisation move they claim will destroy one of Europe’s premier industries.

  • Danish fat tax a feast for German border shops

    News | Agrifood 22-08-2012

    Denmark's recently introduced tax on food and drinks is driving shoppers to neighbouring Germany at an unprecedented level, according to a survey by the Danish Grocers’ Trade Organisation (DSK).

  • Study finds pesticide residues in wine

    News | Health 27-03-2008

    A study by the European Pesticides Action Network (PAN) reveals that wines on sale in the EU may contain residues of up to 10 different pesticides potentially harmful to human health. But manufacturers argue that the quantities are so tiny that drinking wine poses no health risk.

  • EU wine producers urge moderation

    News | Health 20-03-2008

    European wine producers have deplored the growing tendency to reduce wine to a simple alcoholic drink, consumed in vast quantities with no appreciation of the product. They are launching a programme to help promote the cultural dimension of wine and contribute to the EU goal of reducing alcohol abuse. 

  • Ministers agree on diluted wine reform

    News | Agrifood 20-12-2007

    After three days of negotiations, agriculture ministers have passed, on 19 December, a reform package for the EU's wine sector which waters down the major overhaul that Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel was planning. Following pressure form Italy and France, fewer vineyards will be scrapped and the surplus will contiune to be distilled into alcohol.

  • Parliament waters down contentious wine reform

    News | Health 22-11-2007

    The Parliament's Agriculture Committee has adopted a report on the Commission's proposed overhaul of the European wine sector, proposing a compromise on many of the draft's most disputed measures, including the grubbing-up of vines and designations of origin and labelling.