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Technology 30-01-2018

EU telecoms regulator warns US proposal on 5G would ‘end in disaster’

A proposal from the Trump administration to build public-funded 5G networks will “end in disaster”, the EU’s top telecoms regulator has warned, urging Europe to speed up plans for its own fast internet networks.
Technology 26-05-2016

Member states support spectrum shake-up for mobile internet

The Council endorsed on Thursday (26 June) the European Commission’s proposal to liberate the 700 MHz frequency by 30 June 2020, in time for the irruption of the next generation of wireless broadband (5G).
Technology 17-03-2016

ECJ Wi-Fi opinion could boost free internet in Europe

A new legal opinion from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) could topple Germany's tight restrictions on free Wi-Fi—and internet service providers say it might also help boost the number of free Wi-Fi points across Europe.
Technology 26-07-2007

EU to free-up spectrum for 3G handsets

To promote the development and take-up of new wireless advanced mobile data and multimedia services, the Commission is set to repeal the current GSM Directive that prevents the coexistence of more advanced technologies on its frequencies.
Technology 22-02-2007

Commission lays ground for next-generation wireless electronics

A Commission decision to harmonise radio frequencies used by ultra-wideband technology is expected to boost the market for wireless services and products, including laptops, mobile phones and televisions.
Technology 27-08-2006

European households go wireless

Mobile phones and high-speed wireless internet are on the way up in European households.  
Technology 20-07-2005

Commission frees up frequencies for WiFi

In a move that may boost the technology in Europe, the Commission has decided to assign two additional frequency bands to wireless local area networks, known as WiFi.
Technology 28-06-2005

World Summit becomes focus for telecom ministers

The EU will prioritise the future governance of the internet and financial mechanisms for bridging the digital divide between industrial nations and developing countries.