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Enlargement 08-12-2016

Macedonian nationalist ex-PM set to win election in test for EU

Macedonia's veteran nationalist leader Nikola Gruevski looks set for a comeback in Sunday's (11 December) parliamentary election, posing a challenge to the European Union and its strategy of coaxing Balkan nations to make painful reforms in exchange for aid.
Enlargement 12-10-2016

Thousands march against government in Macedonia

Several thousand people marched yesterday (11 October) along the streets of Macedonian capital Skopje protesting against the rule of conservative leader Nikola Gruevski's VMRO-DPMNE party ahead of December snap elections.
Enlargement 01-09-2016

Macedonian political parties agree December election after spy scandal

Macedonia's political parties agreed yesterday (31 August) to hold an early parliamentary election on 11 December in a step to resolve the 18-month-long crisis over a wiretapping scandal.
Elections 15-01-2016

Macedonia PM to resign, opening door to elections

Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said he would submit his resignation today (15 January) under a European Union-brokered deal for an early parliamentary election to defuse months of political crisis.
Elections 16-02-2015

Macedonian opposition releases new wiretaps exposing the government

Macedonia's opposition leader - accused by police of plotting to seize power illegally - published audio tapes on Sunday (15 February) that he said demonstrated the government's total control over the judiciary.

Parliament to launch enquiry into US eavesdropping

The European Parliament on Thursday (4 July) plans to establish a special committee to investigate reports that an American spy agency monitored phone calls and e-mails of EU institutions and some member states. But some MEPs sought to downplay pressure to freeze EU-US trade negotiations over the spying allegations. EURACTIV reports from Strasbourg.

Reding: ‘I am still awaiting a written response’ over US, UK spying allegations

European Commission requests for clarification from the American and British governments relating to espionage allegations remain unanswered as more revelations continue to stoke European political indignation.
Global Europe 02-07-2013

MEPs call for freezing EU-US trade talks over spying allegations

Some EU policymakers said talks for a free trade agreement between Washington and the EU should be put on ice until further clarification from the United States over revelations that American spies wiretapped European Union buildings in Brussels and Washington.
Global Europe 01-07-2013

EU calls for US wiretapping to ‘stop immediately’

Top European Union officials have reacted angrily to revelations that the United States has wiretapped its buildings in Brussels and Washington, saying the allegations could have a “severe impact” on transatlantic trade negotiations, which were launched amid much fanfare less than two  weeks ago.
Enlargement 19-01-2011

Bulgarian PM calls confidence vote after wiretap scandal

Boyko Borissov's minority government faces a confidence vote in parliament today (19 January) following a wiretap scandal in which he is personally involved. Dnevnik, EURACTIV's partner in Bulgaria, reports.