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Economy & Jobs 07-07-2015

Schäuble says Greek debt haircut ‘not allowed’

“Whoever knows the European treaties knows that a debt haircut is not allowed for bail-out,” Germany's Minister of Finance, Wolfgang Schäuble, said on Tuesday (7 July) upon his arrival in Brussels.
Economy & Jobs 22-06-2015

Eurogroup meets amid fears of Greek default

Eurozone finance ministers gathered on Monday in Brussels, ahead of the EU leaders' summit, for emergency talks over Greece's bailout and the latest, last-minute proposals to stave off default from the Greek government.
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Economy & Jobs 10-03-2015

Eurogroup warns Greece: Stop wasting time

EU finance ministers met in Brussels on Monday to discuss the next steps following the decision to extend financial assistance to Greece by up to four months.
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Economy & Jobs 20-02-2015

Schäuble: ‘It is not only about individual countries, it is about Europe’

As eurozone finance ministers are holding emergency talks on the Greek crisis in Brussels on Friday, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble said that “It is not only about individual countries, it is about Europe, it is about our ability to trust each other and enhance the trust of all European people.”
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Economy & Jobs 16-02-2015

Schäuble ‘sceptical’ on Greek deal

“I am very sceptical following all that has taken place during the last days because the Greek government doesn't seem to have moved at all,” German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble said on Monday (16 February) ahead of a meeting of eurozone finance ministers.
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Economy & Jobs 27-01-2015

Schäuble: Greece must comply with the rules

Responding to Greek anti-bailout party Syriza's election victory on Sunday, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble said on Tuesday that “rules and agreements need to be complied with.”
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Banking union 19-12-2013

Summit to put finishing touches on banking union deal

More than five years after the financial crisis struck, Europe is about to finalise one its most ambitious reforms since the launch of the euro: the banking union. The plan aims to keep tax-payers from bailing out troubled banks. It includes setting up a 55 billion euro fund, financed by the banking industry, over 10 years. A new European agency would also be created, which would decide when and how failing banks would be closed.
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Economy & Jobs 21-08-2013

EU’s Rehn does not rule out a third Greek bailout

As the debate on whether Greece will need a third bailout intensifies, EU economic affairs commissioner Olli Rehn declined on Wednesday to rule out the possibility. Speaking to a Finnish newspaper, Rehn also said that other options, such as extending the repayment period on existing loans, are also on the table. Rehn's comments come after the German finance minister said on Tuesday that Greece will need a third bailout, only 5 weeks before the biggest EU economy holds elections.
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Euro & Finance 13-12-2012

Finance ministers clinch banking union deal (departures and doorsteps)

Finance ministers reached agreement early today (13 December) on the basic mechanism for a single supervisory authority over eurozone banks – the key first step to a banking union.
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Economy & Jobs 09-10-2012

Eurogroup launches permanent rescue fund, says Spain does not need bailout

Eurozone's new permanent rescue fund was launched on Monday at a meeting of finance ministers in Luxembourg. Funded by taxpayers' money, the so-called European Stability Mechanism will have a 500 bn euro budget to help finance debt-ridden countries.
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Euro & Finance 16-09-2011

Wroclaw: Euro ministers struggle to find way out of crisis

Is this informal Ecofin meeting in Poland really bringing Europe closer to solving the euro crisis? It looks like nothing has been achieved. No new measures have been agreed here in Wroclaw, but that's just the way things go at informal meetings like this one. Greece underlined its commitment to meet its fiscal targets for this year and next. That also not a major new development.