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Future EU 08-03-2018

Women’s rights and corporate abuses: Waiting for Godot?

Nearly two centuries have passed since the famous New York women’s march. Today, women and society itself, need policy-makers that live up to their obligations, make business enterprises respect human rights, and grant victims of abuses access to justice, write Claudia Saller and Adriana Espinosa.
Freedom of thought 08-03-2017

Spanish MEP Iratxe García Pérez speaks out against misogyny

Wednesday, 8 March, marks International Women’s Day, which celebrates the cultural, economic, social and political achievement of women. Yet, Spanish MEP Iratxe García Pérez explains that a gender-biased mentality persists.

Prostitution legal in several EU countries, but Nordic Model could change that

MEPs, feminists and police officers met today, on International Women’s Day (8 March), at the European Parliament, to discuss a new approach to criminalising prostitution: the Nordic Model.
Health 08-03-2017

There’s nothing private about women’s sexual and reproductive rights

In 2017, women’s sexual and reproductive rights should be recognised as human rights. But first they must be freed from the political agenda, writes Carina Autengruber.

Emily O’Reilly: Call me ‘Ombudswoman’

Speaking to EURACTIV.com ahead of International Women's Day, the European Ombudsman Emily O'Reilly said she was open to being called 'Ombudswoman'.
EU Priorities 2020 17-03-2015

It’s time to deal with gender inequality

Resilient women are agents of change today, but it’s time for European policy makers to counter the inequalities between men and women, writes Shannon Pfohman.

MEPs hold ‘vagina monologues’ to stop violence against women

In what seems to be a demonstrative statement to end violence against women, nine MEPs have taken the courage to perform Eve Ensler’s play, the Vagina Monologues, tonight (6 March) in the European Parliament.

Romanian minister: Qualifications are women’s ‘best tool’

Education must provide women with the right qualifications to compete with men, but they also need to be more confident in promoting their values to change mentalities in male-dominated society, said Romanian Transport Minister Anca Boagiu in an interview with EURACTIV.

Gender equality is ‘unfinished business’

Despite considerable progress in advancing women's roles in politics and business, Europe is struggling to reach full gender parity and quotas are seen as a "questionable" remedy.

EU wants more women in top positions, but no quotas

EU ministers in charge of employment and social affairs endorsed yesterday (7 March) a renewed pact for gender equality aimed at increasing women's presence in decision-making bodies, but refrained from imposing EU-wide quotas.
Languages & Culture 07-03-2011

UNESCO chief: Women ‘most affected’ by crisis

The recent economic crisis and soaring prices of basic foodstuffs affected women in particular, Irina Bokova, director-general of UNESCO, the UN organisation that promotes education, science and culture, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.