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Technology 07-03-2022

The Gender Factor: More Women in ICT will Enable the EU to Reach the 2030 Digital Decade Targets

Reaching the Digital Decade targets requires more ICT specialists in Europe – specifically more women in tech. Eroding structural barriers and leveraging new technologies enable organisations to attract and retain highly skilled talent needed to make European companies competitive and future-proof.
Development Policy 05-06-2018

Everyone gains from investing in the health and gender equality of women and children

Five million women and children die every year from entirely preventable causes. The Global Financing Facility (GFF) supports the 50 countries with the greatest needs by investing in their health systems but that is not enough, writes Mariam Claeson.
Development Policy 31-10-2017

Private sector and development: The EU is not doing enough!

To ensure business enterprises play their role in generating more and better jobs and contribute to the transition towards a green and sustainable economic model in the Global South, the EU needs to adopt in-depth reforms, argues Isabelle Brachet.
Economy & Jobs 01-08-2017

Women have to appease gender stereotypes to be influential

Men and women have sharply divergent routes for converting self-confidence into organisational influence, and the path available to women is far more complex, writes Natalia Karelaia.
Development Policy 10-10-2016

Women: One of the Mediterranean’s brightest hopes

For too long, women have been absent from decision-making, too little involved in the formal labour market and too often victims of violence. They are now one of our brightest hopes for the Mediterranean, writes Delphine Borione.

Ban on headscarves and religious clothing is discrimination

Muslim women wearing headscarves are facing yet another hurdle on the path towards inclusion and employment in the European labour market, writes Michaël Privot.

Paving the way for women in technology

To mark International Girls in ICT Day 2016, we are calling for greater efforts to close the gap between aspiration and achievement for young women around the world, writes Sylvie Laffarge.

Promoting gender equality in the construction sector

Traditionally a sector dominated by men, modern construction has something to offer for people of any age and gender. Diversifying the sector would help cut unemployment and boost the European economy, argues Patrick Liébus.
Global Europe 04-02-2016

Education under attack in Pakistan

The EU should use its development and security programmes in Pakistan to ensure children have safe access to education and keep them out of the hands of extremists, writes Marie Arena.

Violence against refugee women is often ignored

Half of all people fleeing conflict are women, but their plight is often ignored in our approach to refugee crises, writes Irene Zugasti.

Why is the Commission ignoring women?

The European Commission had a ‘Strategy for Equality between Women and Men’ for the years 2010-2015, and a ‘roadmap’ for 2006-10. Yet the executive has no plan to turn these good deeds into concrete initiatives any time soon, writes Montserrat Mir.
Development Policy 15-10-2015

Governments must implement effective laws in tackling violence against girls

Governments must have the bravery and commitment to design and implement laws to protect women and girls and to prevent violence against them, write Sirpa Pietikäinen and Marie Rose Nguini Effa.
Development Policy 22-05-2015

Fistula is continuing to destroy lives in the developing world

The EU can play a major role in ending the devastation of fistula for many of the world’s most marginalised women and girls, writes Hilde Vautmans.
Development Policy 21-04-2015

We need global MPs committed to well-spent development aid

In its election manifesto launched last week, the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) pledged to slash the UK’s development aid budget. We don’t need parliamentarians with this myopic mindset, writes Baroness Jenny Tonge.
Global Europe 09-12-2014

No compromise with Iran on human rights

On International Human Rights Day, 10 December, write Friends of a Free Iran, it is worth turning our attention to one of the worst human rights offenders in the world.

Gender equality requires tackling stereotypes

Gender stereotypes are crude simplifications about the character and behaviour of individuals based on their traditional roles and sexual characteristics. It's time the European Parliament brought more pressure to bear on the other EU institutions with a view to tackling this often veiled but highly damaging phenomenon, writes Kartika Liotard.
Languages & Culture 02-05-2012

Women stereotypes: Time for a reflection within the media

As the European Union considers imposing binding quotas for women on companies' boards, similar instruments should also be envisaged for media boards, argues Klaus Heeger.

Germany must follow France and others by setting gender quotas on companies’ boards

To boost the number of women in high-level corporate positions, Germany must come up with mandatory law, following other European countries, like France, writes Margarete Hofmann, from the German Women Lawyers Association.

Vive the gender gap

The World Economic Forum's Gender Gap Index provides a comprehensive framework for benchmarking global gender gaps but should give data on issues such as paternity leave to give a more balanced picture, writes Dr Jane Hailé, a consultant to governments and the European Commission specialising in gender, human rights and development.

Women: Stabilising an insecure world

Despite general consensus over the need to protect and empower women, they remain under-represented in politics and marginalised in decision-making throughout the world, write EU Commissioners Benita Ferrero-Waldner and Margot Wallström ahead of International Women's Day on 8 March.