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Economy & Jobs 17-03-2021

Towards a mandatory EU system of due diligence for supply chains – Realities and consequences

The Commission is working on a legislative proposal for a European due diligence for supply chains.  
Economy & Jobs 05-07-2019

Digitalisation is a threat as much as an opportunity for workers, experts say

While digitalisation offers more flexible forms of work, it can also be a threat to well-being and encroach on work-life balance, policymakers warned during an event organised by EURACTIV.
Economy & Jobs 23-11-2018

European Parliament strengthens European social pillar

The European Parliament has been working hard on the EU’s social policy, voting in favour of establishing a “European social watchdog” and coordinating social security systems on 20 November. EURACTIV France reports.
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Economy & Jobs 18-09-2018

Why we need to create a level playing field for new forms of work

Technological progress has enabled new forms of work that offer diversity, adaptability and novel methods of labour market participation, but it is also presenting some challenges. Michael Freytag explains the implications and challenges.
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Health 13-07-2018

Women with Advanced and Metastatic Breast Cancer should be able to continue or return to work

Important advancements in diagnosing and treating breast cancer in Europe have been made in the last years. However, there are still many challenges to overcome, writes Lydia Makaroff.  
Economy & Jobs 20-06-2017

We need to nurture the biodiversity of the labour market

Europe faces a work revolution. To survive, we need to heed the words of Charles Darwin and adapt and adjust to fit our changing environment, writes Denis Pennel.
Global Europe 22-02-2016

Portugal wants more refugees to help revive dwindling population

Traditionally a country of emigration, Portugal has offered to take up to 10,000 migrants from countries struggling to cope with the influx, to help maintain its own population.

Taking on bullies in the workplace

The EU must take more concrete measures in the fight against bullying in the workplace, argues Elissavet Vozemberg.

Sweden considers raising retirement age to 75

Swedes should be prepared to work until they are 75 and to change careers in the middle of their work life if they are to keep the welfare standards they expect, Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said.

Lenarduzzi: ‘Women can rescue the economy’

"Our economy has a real problem with under-representation of women," according to Isabella Lenarduzzi, the founder of the 'JUMP' forum, which will take place in Brussels on 23 April. Speaking to EURACTIV in an interview, she explained that "women's role in business is increasingly important".

Men ‘benefit’ from diversity in the workplace

"Our economy has a real problem with under-representation of women," according to Isabella Lenarduzzi, the founder of the 'JUMP' forum, which will take place in Brussels on 23 April. Speaking to EURACTIV in an interview, she explained that "women's role in business is increasingly important".

Study: New EU members work above European average

According to a recent report, a striking gap in working time continues to exist between countries that joined the EU after 2004 and the other 15 members. Among those working longer hours, Bulgaria, Romania and the UK are well ahead of their European neighbours.

Study sheds light on Europeans’ future skills requirements

European workers will have to "re-skill" in coming years as technological and organisational changes push up the demand for increased qualifications, even in the most elementary jobs.

Anticipating the social impact of climate change

Climate change represents a major challenge for employment policies both in terms of gains and losses, according to a February 2007 study conducted by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and the Social Development Agency (SDA) for the European Commission. Even the most optimistic climate-change scenario will have a major impact on economic activities and employment, the report states.

Job quality becomes EU focus

Employment and social affairs ministers are meeting for a three-day informal summit in Berlin, to discuss future social models in Europe and reforms necessary to reconcile the needs for flexibility and social security.

‘Education and innovation key to Europe’s competitiveness’

Experts in Brussels discussed the mechanics that may lead to a larger, more productive and more profitable workforce in Europe. 

EU’s ‘decent work’ agenda endorsed

The Council has approved Commission proposals aimed at reinforcing welfare protection, equal opportunities and social dialogue at home and abroad.

Job Days attract tens of thousands across Europe

The success of the European Job Days, with 500 events in 300 European cities, has taken the Commission by surprise.

Commission to promote ‘decent work’ in the world

The Commission will issue a Communication in support of basic worker rights for workers all over the world. Commissioner Spidla says it will not be used for protectionism.