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Languages & Culture 04-07-2011

The case for ‘Euro-Mediterranean’ Erasmus/Leonardo programmes

The EU's mobility programmes for students (Erasmus) and young professionals (Leonardo) should be extended to the countries of the Southern Mediterranean in the wake of the Arab Spring, write the MEPs behind a European Parliament written declaration on the matter in an exclusive op-ed for EURACTIV. 

Structural change demands greater mobility

As a result of ageing populations and structural changes, mobility is set to rise in the next 15-20 years, says Stefan Schneider in an April research paper for Deutsche Bank.

Still ‘a long path ahead’ despite Blue Card initiative

The Commission's Blue Card initiative on the conditions of EU entry and residence for highly qualified employment is "a step towards a common European policy that promotes different sets of rights for different groups of people", writes Manuela Lusetich, migration project officer at Solidar.

Labour migration expanding in OECD countries

A better understanding of the links between migration and development is required to implement coherent and effective migration policies, outlines the OECD in its report, 'International Migration Outlook'. The study shows that international migration continues to grow, in response to labour needs.

Comments: Migration benefits the economy – so stop the hypocrisy

The backlash against migration makes no sense, two commentators from opposite sides of the political spectrum in British newspapers argue. 
Public Affairs 20-03-2006

Waiting for Lisbon…

In March the EU is going to take stock.  The heads of state and governments will have to discuss the progress of the Lisbon strategy, which is supposed to turn Europe into the most competitive economic area in the world.  In this context Christophe Leclercq and Kristina Weich Hondrila from EURACTIV.com summarise for Politik & Kommunikation the most important upcoming events in Brussels. The full version of this article is only available in German.