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Economy & Jobs 11-04-2019

‘Neoliberal monster’: Germans urge EU to shake off its bad image

As many as 78% of Germans say economic inequality between EU member states damages Germany. And two-thirds consider a need for EU reform, with a greater focus on social issues, according to a new survey. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Economy & Jobs 25-03-2019

Fact-checking: Annulling the Posting of Workers Directive, an impossible proposition

The annulment of the Posting of Workers Directive is one of the seminal proposals of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, candidate for the European elections. Problem: such a proposal is impossible without a withdrawal from the EU. EURACTIV France reports.
Economy & Jobs 13-03-2018

Commission wants EU Labour Authority to open by 2019

The European Commission wants to set up a new EU agency to oversee cross-border labour disputes and manage the growing number of people who travel within the bloc for work. The agency would receive a budget of €50 million and open before the current Commission’s term ends next year.
Economy & Jobs 04-12-2017

Legislators weigh options to enforce growing number of EU labour rules

A recent uptick in EU legislation on social issues has sparked disagreement between member states on controversial files to regulate labour rules across the bloc. Now legislators are trying to hammer out a way to enforce the growing number of rules.
Economy & Jobs 20-10-2017

France and Poland hope for posted workers breakthrough

After this week's European Council summit in Brussels, EU leaders are already preparing for their next meeting, which will take place in Sweden next month and focus on social issues. It's a divisive area and member states still have one major hurdle in their way before they reconvene.
Economy & Jobs 14-09-2017

Commission wants new EU labour authority to crack down on worker abuse

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker wants to set up a new EU institution to monitor how labour law is applied in member states. The Commission will outline its plans for the supervisory authority by the end of 2018.
Economy & Jobs 12-09-2017

France seeks last-minute support for posted workers bill

France is scrambling to push through controversial amendments to the posting of workers bill before a decisive decision next month.
Economy & Jobs 31-08-2017

Estonian minister: The digital economy needs more social Europe

There needs to be an EU-wide solution to precarious app economy jobs, said Estonian Labour and Health Minister Jevgeni Ossinovski in an interview with EURACTIV.com.
Economy & Jobs 29-08-2017

Lead MEP: Macron’s campaign on posted workers could deepen east-west divide

The centre-right French MEP in charge of guiding the controversial posting of workers directive through the European Parliament has lashed out at Emmanuel Macron after he promised to strike a compromise on the legislation by the end of this year.
Economy & Jobs 15-06-2017

Macron’s proposals wreak havoc on posted worker negotiations

Tough French proposals have derailed talks on controversial EU labour mobility rules and dashed Malta's hopes of brokering a compromise deal by the of this month.
Economy & Jobs 24-03-2017

Divides deepen between member states over posted workers bill

After a year of stalled negotiations, fresh changes to draft rules affecting workers temporarily posted to another EU country are further deepening rifts between eastern and western member states.

Commission to tighten labour rules for truck drivers in May

Truck drivers and trade unions have formed an alliance to demand the European Commission close loopholes that let underpaid workers from poorer EU countries deliver goods anywhere in the bloc.

EU states eye political response to Laval court ruling

Employment ministers from France, Luxembourg and Sweden yesterday (9 October) called for a political solution to European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling that has inflamed debate on the balance between workers' rights and economic freedom in the EU.

EU Court ruling slammed as ‘invitation to social dumping’

A landmark ruling of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) outlawing minimum wage conditions in public tender contracts has been strongly criticised by trade unions, NGOs and politicians from across the political spectrum. The verdict could lead to the revision of an EU directive on the posting of workers abroad.

European social model challenged by Court rulings

European Court of Justice rulings in the Laval and Viking cases represent a "danger" for social Europe and open the door to "wage dumping" in the EU, leftist members of Parliament said, while business representatives argued the judgements were crucial to preserving freedom of movement and establishment throughout the bloc.

Unions frustrated at Court ruling on posted workers

The EU Court of Justice judgement in the landmark Laval case has upset trade unions, who argue that the ruling questions collective bargaining agreements. Trade unionists and politicians say the ruling opens the door to "wage dumping" in the EU. 

EU court upholds right to strike but sets limits

The right of trade unions to take collective action may be limited by employers' right to freedom of establishment, the European Court of Justice has ruled in the landmark Viking case.

Business backs Commission on dispatched worker rules

Proposals to loosen what the Commission describes as "excessive national control measures" on the posting of workers abroad are being acclaimed by business organisations and criticised by trade unions. 

Court to back trade-unions’ rights

In the much-disputed Laval and Viking cases, European Court of Justice advocates-general have strengthened trade unions' rights to take collective action against relocations and to enforce adherence to minimum-pay rules by service providers.

Parliament fences off looser posting rules

Business associations and MEPs across the bench have welcomed the Parliament's decision not to ask for any major changes to the Posting of Workers Directive.

Ten-year-old posting directive still a matter of content

The Posting of Workers Directive, which was adopted in 1996 to ensure a level playing field for workers sent by their companies to a different EU country, does not function properly, say MEPs.