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Economy & Jobs 03-04-2020

German trade unionist: Stronger worker participation helps in times of crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a rapid transformation of the workplace at a time when digitalisation and the Green Deal were beginning to restructure entire industries. In an interview with EURACTIV, trade unionist Karin Erhard describes how workers should go forward in these uncertain times and how a strong system of codetermination can help chart the way.
Trade & Society 25-10-2016

Udo Bullmann: It is ‘correct’ to give regions say on CETA deal

SPD MEP Udo Bullmann does not think it is a mistake to make agreements like the teetering CETA deal dependent on the approval of regions like Wallonia. EURACTIV's partner Der Tagesspiegel reports.
Agrifood 01-03-2016

Bernd Lange: The US needs to improve workers’ rights

EXCLUSIVE / Labour rights in the US must be improved before any potential TTIP deal is signed and Brexit’s economic impact is of concern, according to the chairman of the European Parliament's Committee on International Trade, Bernd Lange.

“A debate on flexicurity instead of EU harmonisation”

In a letter to Commission President José Manuel Barroso on the draft Green Paper on modernisation of labour law, business association UNICE accused the commission of "an implicit agenda of harmonisation of labour law" throughout the EU. EURACTIV talked to Thérèse de Liedekerke, director for social affairs with UNICE, on the association's criticism of the commission draft. 

‘UNICE’s criticism is blown out of proportion’

Shortly before the Commission's planned launch of a consultation on the reform of European labour law, employers' association UNICE launched a fierce attack on the document. EURACTIV talked to Catelene Passchier, who is in charge of social policy and labour law in her position as confederal secretary of ETUC, the European Trade Union Confederation.