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Digital & Media 20-02-2013

Brussels plans fresh push for more women in ICT jobs

SPECIAL REPORT / The European Commission in June plans to publish a survey explaining why Europe’s information and communication technology (ICT) sector has too few women despite a projected deficit of 700,000 skilled workers by 2015.
Languages & Culture 16-11-2012

European workers lack basic English language skills: Survey

Although the English language plays a central role in today's international business environment, workers in many countries are still struggling with basic communication skills, according to a new report.
Enlargement 09-11-2012

Gender equality and the EU’s transformational power in Turkey

The EU’s enlargement to include Turkey seems to be a victim of the Cypriot issue, which produces disproportionately negative effects and weak political visions on both sides. Consequently, the EU’s credibility and transformational power are being weakened, writes Kader Sevinç.