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Brexit 29-06-2016

France seeks to capitalise on Brexit to gain influence in Brussels

The idea of dropping English as an official language of the EU is tempting many in Brussels. French politicians sense an opportunity to gain some much-needed credibility. EURACTIV France reports.
Languages & Culture 19-06-2013

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Merkel wants more German spoken in EU

Angela Merkel's conservatives want to increase the use of German in Europe if they are re-elected in September, calling in their campaign programme for the language to be treated on a par with English and French in top Brussels institutions.
Languages & Culture 28-11-2012

Italy wins EU court ruling over language rights

European Union job announcements should be published in all 23 official languages, EU judges ruled yesterday (27 November).
Languages & Culture 02-02-2012

Demand for French classes on the rise in EU circles

Despite the continued dominance of English as a working language, demand for French classes in Brussels has increased, notably among EU staff and accredited diplomats and journalists, says Thierry Lagnau, director of the 'Alliance Française Bruxelles-Europe'.
Languages & Culture 05-04-2011

Future of French language ‘to be decided in Brussels’

Officials at the International Francophony Organisation (OIF) have warned of "catastrophic" use of French in EU institutions, as the language's position in Brussels becomes ever more fragile, a conference heard last week (31 March).
Languages & Culture 25-09-2009

EU concerned over lack of French interpreters

The EU institutions have launched a campaign ahead of this weekend's European Languages Day aimed at encouraging young French speakers to consider a career in interpreting, as the European Commission moves to address the "serious shortage" of French interpreters it expects to hit its services in the next five to 10 years.
Languages & Culture 20-07-2009

‘Room for improvement’ in EU’s use of German

There is still room for improvement regarding the number of documents translated into German by the European institutions, despite recent growth in the number of German EU officials using their native language professionally, Margareta Hauschild, director of the Goethe-Institut Belgien in Brussels, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Languages & Culture 29-06-2009

‘.eu’ domain extended to Cyrillic, Greek alphabets

The European Commission last week (26 June) announced plans to make it possible to register websites under the .eu domain using Cyrillic and Greek scripts, allowing individual and business users alike to use .eu in all 23 official EU languages. 
Languages & Culture 02-12-2008

Boost German language provision, MEPs urge Council

The European Parliament has called on the European Council to boost the use of German and other languages on its websites, including those of EU presidencies.
Languages & Culture 13-11-2008

Interview: Multilingualism ‘cost of democracy’ in EU

Multilingualism Commissioner Leonard Orban has spoken to EURACTIV Slovakia of his conviction that the dossier will continue to be afforded "its own place" in the EU policy framework after the expiry of the European Commission's current mandate in autumn 2009.
Languages & Culture 19-09-2008

No extra EU cash for languages ‘until 2013’

No additional funding will be released to boost EU language policy until 2013 at the earliest, said the commissioner responsible for the dossier Leonard Orban yesterday (18 September 2008), unveiling the EU executive's new multilingualism strategy.
Languages & Culture 15-09-2008

Commission looks at language skills to boost EU ‘prosperity’

The European Commission will present a new EU languages strategy on 18 September, emphasising the importance of language skills in addressing challenges as diverse as globalisation and increased mobility and immigration.
Languages & Culture 28-05-2008

Commission accused of ‘language discrimination’

The European Ombudsman says a refusal by the EU executive to conduct its external assistance work in all 23 official EU languages constitutes maladministration. But the Commission argues that doing so would simply not be feasible.
Languages & Culture 16-04-2008

Teachers back ‘personal adoptive’ language proposal

Representatives of the academic community gave their backing to the idea of a 'personal adoptive' language at a public hearing on multilingualism yesterday (15 April), with some suggesting EU funding be made available for the proposal.
Languages & Culture 11-04-2008

Petition calls for German language boost

Multilingualism Commissioner Leonard Orban was yesterday (10 April) presented with a petition calling for German to remain on an "equal footing" with English and French as an "EU procedural language".
Languages & Culture 02-04-2008

Interview: Importance of multilingualism ‘will not diminish’

The multilingualism portfolio is too important to be sacrificed by the next European Commission, Multilingualism Commissioner Leonard Orban said in an interview with EURACTIV Romania. As proof of this, Turkish could become the next official EU language provided that Cyprus concludes reunification talks, he indicated.
Languages & Culture 28-03-2008

Interview: ‘Taking languages too seriously kills them’

Defending the multiplicity of languages in the EU is the best way of protecting them as taking a single language too seriously will only succeed in killing it, argues Catherine Suard of the French Institute in Sofia in an interview with EURACTIV Bulgaria.
Languages & Culture 25-02-2008

EU translation policy ‘here to stay’

The multilingual nature of the EU institutions is "too politically sensitive" an issue to be dramatically reformed and is thus "here to stay", according to the Commission's translation chief, Juhani Lönnroth.
Languages & Culture 31-01-2008

EU to promote language learning as ‘leisure’

More needs to be done to promote language learning outside of formal educational settings if breakthroughs are to be made in spreading language use across the EU, Commissioner Leonard Orban will say today, presenting the conclusions of a report on multilingualism.
Languages & Culture 13-07-2007

Cost in translation – expense awareness ‘duty to taxpayers’

In a report on the translation costs of the EU institutions adopted by the European Parliament, MEP Alexander Stubb has called for more awareness of costs, questioning the need to have every document translated into languages such as Finnish, Swedish or Maltese in the EU institutions.
Languages & Culture 03-07-2007

Intellectuals advise Commission on multilingualism benefits

Multilingualism Commissioner Leonard Orban chaired the first meeting of a group of intellectuals and experts to make recommendations on how languages can foster "intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding", ahead of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008.
Languages & Culture 07-06-2007

Interview: Orban seeks language links to boost economy

Speaking to EURACTIV, the 'newest' commissioner, Romanian multilingualism chief Leonard Orban, says multilingualism benefits competitiveness and announces the September launch of a languages Business Forum. He also examines how EU institutions can better adapt to 23 EU languages, and announces policy initiatives for 2008.  
Languages & Culture 23-05-2007

Ombudsman slams EU recruitment office over language bias

European Ombudsman Nikiforos Diamandouros has officially criticised the EU institutions' recruitment office, EPSO, for 'maladministration' following a Polish complaint concerning English-, French- and German-language bias in EU entrance exams between 2004-06, to the detriment of the ten countries which joined the EU in 2004.   
Languages & Culture 22-05-2007

EU recruitment office ‘guilty of language bias’

In a potential landmark announcement, EU Ombudsman Nikiforos Diamandouros is shortly to declare that the EU institutions' recruitment office, EPSO, is guilty of bias in favour of English, French and German, acording to Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza