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Economy & Jobs 03-11-2020

Job market integration: pandemic puts disadvantaged at greater risk

The COVID-19 health crisis makes it even more difficult for disadvantaged people, who already have a hard time in normal times, to be integrated into the labour market. Could a paradigm shift be the solution? EURACTIV France reports.
Non-discrimination 23-10-2020

French McDonalds employees give ‘chilling’ testimonies of discrimination and harassment

Though Mcdonalds' French ad campaign continues to be 'Come as you are', 114 employee testimonials collected recently in France tell a different story. They include racism, sexism, harassment and even sexual violence. EURACTIV France reports.
Health 28-05-2018

Unhealthy buildings need political and public attention, says report

EU negotiators hope to wrap up talks on the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) this week, which will significantly affect the building sector. A new report released on 28 May says buildings have a crucial but often overlooked impact on health and renovation can be beneficial to our quality of life.
Climate change 18-05-2018

Trade unions take action to ensure a just transition

As climate change has increasingly tangible effects, also impacting the working environment, trade unions in Europe have signalled their intention to tackle it by taking some concrete measures.
Health 08-03-2017

Chemical safety in the workplace: An example of better regulation ?

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has vowed to make “Better Regulation” the cornerstone of policymaking in the EU, promising lean and efficient legislation that encourages business activity without compromising on health and environmental priorities.
Health 25-04-2016

EU decision-makers have done far too little on safety in the workplace

The challenges facing Europe today, to tackle climate change and to create new sustainable jobs, give us an opportunity to also improve people’s working lives and health, argues Rudy De Leeuw on the International Workers’ Memorial Day (IWMD).
Health 08-07-2013

How to attract and keep talent with multiple sclerosis in the workplace

Competitiveness is high on the EU agenda, and so is attracting and keeping talent. Employers and policy-makers should do more to get more creative in tapping into Europe’s potential. Like so often, part of the solution is at our doorstep, argues Shana Pezaro.
Health 29-03-2013

Blueprint offers recipe for better health at work

Corporations and academics have teamed up to back a blueprint to improve health literacy in the workplace, saying healthier lifestyles help employees and boost their productivity.

Inflexible working environment causes sickness absence

Gun Johansson, a postgraduate at the Swedish Medical University Karolinska Institute, introduces the illness flexibility model to clarify the causes of sickness absence at work. The model assumes that sickness absence is caused by people’s ability and motivation to work. The study shows that the less adaptable a working place is, the higher the rate of sick leave.
Health 15-02-2006

No EU regulation on sunlight

The 'sunlight directive', on the EU's agenda for 13 years, has finally been adopted. However, regulation to protect workers from over-exposure to natural light will be left to member states.
Health 07-09-2005

EU regulation on sunlight refused by Parliament

The Parliament has, to the relief of many SMEs, rejected the proposal for an EU regulation to protect workers from sunburn. The dossier has now moved to the Council.
Health 14-05-2003

EU campaign launched to fight risks of dangerous substances at work

The campaign, launched on 13 May, aims to address companies' lack of awareness of the risks and regulatory duties regarding employee exposure to chemicals, biological agents and other dangerous substances at work.

Technology and work – the 21st century and its challenges

Technology and work – the 21st century and its challenges The internet is a driving force of transformation in society. In sectors using information and communications technology (ICT) as platform for innovation, the meaning of the term “work” is undergoing...