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  • Industrial Policy: Towards sustainable re-industrialization?

     Video | Promoted content | Energy & Environment 13-07-2012

    The European Commission and Member States are working together to ensure that resources are invested effectively in order to support smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.
    With the mid-term update and review of the Europe 2020 Flagship on industrial policy, planned for this year, more sustainable and green solutions could be called for.
    Will the remaining year bring changes in policy also for abandoned industrial areas ('brownfields')?

  • Energy Efficiency in Buildings: Balancing costs with savings

    Special Report |  Video | Promoted content | Energy 10-07-2012

    Buildings -- whether public or private -- make up for around 40% of the total amount of energy consumed in the EU. The European Commission acknowledges this, saying in its energy efficiency plan last year that "the greatest energy savings potential lies in buildings". According to the EU executive, renovating buildings could generate savings of up to €1,000 per household each year and create up to 2 million jobs.

  • New Momentum for Trans-Atlantic Relations?

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 03-07-2012

    At the 2011 EU-US Summit, leaders assigned the Transatlantic Economic Council to establish a high- level working group on jobs and growth. This working group focuses on identifying policies and measures to increase EU -- US trade and investment to support job creation, economic growth and international competitiveness.
    Following the recent G8 summit in Maryland and the high level working group's report to be issued soon, negotiations on transatlantic trade will receive renewed impetus.

  • Translating Research to Health Innovation: How can forthcoming legislation pave the way for better care in rare diseases?

     Video | Promoted content | Energy & Environment 25-06-2012

    Several European Commission 2012 initiatives will impact healthcare innovation. The Horizon 2020 research programme will seek to link the health industry, public sector and academia in new research clusters. A revision to the Directive on Clinical Trials will seek to promote health research and innovation. Meanwhile, the Transparency Directive will ensure that research efforts translate into faster access to much- needed medicines.

  • Energy Choices for Europe’s Citizens: Gas in the spolight

     Video | Promoted content | Energy 21-06-2012

    Europe and Europeans will have to significantly adjust the way they produce, use and think about energy over the coming years.
    Business as usual is not an option any longer. Reducing costs, improving sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions do not represent an unattainable utopia, provided that the appropriate policies are put in place, and energy suppliers and consumers are willing to play their part.

  • Sustainable Consumption

     Video | Promoted content | Health 14-06-2012

    The European Consumer Agenda aims at addressing issues such as consumer information and education and the need to move towards more sustainable patterns of consumption.
    At the same time, the European Commission is working on the development of a harmonised methodology for the calculation of the environmental footprint of products and a meaningful way to communicate it to consumers.

  • Food Waste: Cutting losses along the supply chain

    Special Report |  Video | Promoted content | Agrifood 12-06-2012

    In response to the European Commission's study that estimated annual food waste in the EU at approximately 179kg per person, the European Parliament adopted a resolution in January 2012 on how to avoid food waste.
    The resolution is aimed at identifying a series of strategies for a more efficient food chain in the EU. Among these strategies, the design of new packaging that will increase longevity of goods plays an important role.
    How achievable is the 50% reduction of food waste by 2025? What measures should be taken to reach this objective?

  • Water Efficiency: What role for infrastructure?

     Video | Promoted content | Climate change 16-05-2012

    The European Commission is expected to issue a 'Blueprint for Safeguarding Europe's Water' in 2012.
    The aim of this policy initiative is to introduce a 'water-saving culture' in Europe building on the Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe.
    The paper will focus on increasing water savings, emphasising agriculture, water supply infrastructures and buildings.

  • EU Renewables Strategy: How can policy and industry shape strategy for the decades ahead?

     Video | Promoted content | Energy & Environment 04-04-2012

    The further expansion of Renewable Energies is key to achieving the EU climate targets set for 2050. Following the 2009 Renewables directive and the National Renewables Action Plans determining the growth path up to 2020, discussion has now started on the post-2020 Renewables policy.
    Building on the EU Energy Roadmap 2050, the EU Commission has initiated the discussion with the recent renewables consultation followed by the Communication on Renewable Energy.
    Are 2030 renewables targets needed ?

  • Nanotechnology: What Future for Nano in Europe?

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 28-03-2012

    Nanotechnology deals with particles which are invisible to the eye, but policy issues surrounding the technology are looming large.
    Nanotechnology opens a raft of opportunities for European business and consumers. How can the continent address public concerns with safety issues and novel technology to ensure that Europe does not get left behind in the nano race?

  • World Water Day 2012 – Water Stewardship EURACTIV Workshop

     Video | Promoted content | Climate change 26-03-2012

    Further to the 2007 European Commission's assessment of water scarcity and drought in the EU, the executive presented a set of policy options to increase water savings and to improve financing in existing sectoral policies. Five years later, the Commission is expected to table a 'Blueprint to Safeguard Europe's Water'.
    In advance of World Water Day 2012, Fondation EURACTIV is pleased to invite you to a roundtable debate to explore answers to these questions.

  • Euro Monitor: Which countries are best placed to exit the crisis?

     Video | Promoted content | Economic governance 15-03-2012

    The economic and financial crisis has revealed a number of weaknesses in the economic governance of the EU's economic and monetary union.
    The EU and its Member States have taken a series of important decisions that will mean stronger• economic and budgetary coordination for the EU as a whole and for the euro area in particular. Thus, in May 2011, the Member States agreed to establish a rescue mechanism worth €750 billion to protect the euro from collapsing under the weight of accumulated debt.

  • F-Gases – What Role in Climate Change

     Video | Promoted content | Climate change 09-03-2012

    Although Fluorinated gases (also known as HFCs of F-gases) only contribute to approximately 2% of greenhouse gases, forecasts show that the figure could increase to as much as 19% worldwide by 2050. The Commission's proposal for the revision of certain fluorinated greenhouse gases, due for June 2012, aims at clarifying and strengthening the current framework in order to contribute to current and future climate change goals.

  • Raw Materials Policies – EU and Global Perspectives

    Special Report |  Video | Promoted content | Oil and Industry 14-02-2012

    The 7 February 2012 EURACTIV Stakeholder Workshop at the Conrad Hotel in Brussels discussed global and European perspectives on raw materials and resource efficiency. Speaking are Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy MEP for the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe from the Netherlands Jean-Louis Moray Director of Eurofer and Pascal Payet-Gaspard, Secretary-General of the International Stainless Steel Forum. Interviews by Raymond Frenken and Frederic Simon.

  • Ensuring growth and mobility – Stakeholder Workshop

     Video | Promoted content | Transport 06-02-2012

    31 January, 2012
    Looking ahead at the 2050 Energy Roadmap, the White Paper on Transport, released by the Commission in March, set some ambitious targets for European transport policy. The Council has discussed the White Paper and the European Parliament is expected to give its opinion in January 2012. While the overall paper was received with enthusiasm by many policymakers and stakeholders, some of the initiatives proposed give cause for further discussion. EURACTIV invites you to discuss these issues in advance of the parliamentary debate.