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Economy & Jobs 17-04-2018

European Parliament sounds the alarm over developing world debt crisis

The number of poor countries facing major debt crises has doubled since 2013, and only 1 in 5 are now considered to be at low risk of crisis. With some countries in the midst of crisis and others on the brink, meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) remains a pipe dream, writes Mark Perera.
Euro & Finance 07-10-2016

Animal welfare deserves better from investment policy

International finance institutions and member state export credit agencies continue to invest in projects outside the EU involving cruel farm animal confinement systems banned in the EU. Better joined-up thinking is needed with regard to investment policy and animal welfare, writes Joanna Swabe.
Digital & Media 30-09-2016

Understanding the state of the economy is crucial to business success

A prerequisite for helping European businesses succeed in the new digital and mobile economy is understanding the economic environment in which they operate, writes Facebook’s Nicola Mendelsohn.
Europe's East 09-11-2015

Ukraine climbs world business rankings ahead of EU trade zone

Ukraine's business climate is improving rapidly, and will continue to do so as the country strengthens ties with the West and attracts more foreign investment, writes Yuliia Kovaliv. 
Adebisi Alimi [Project Syndicate]
Development Policy 19-06-2014

The development costs of homophobia

Recent studies have explored links between anti-gay sentiment and poverty in countries where same-sex relationships are prohibited. The outcome? LGBT rights are not only a human-rights issue, but also an economic one, Adebisi Alimi writes.
Energy 26-09-2013

Banks loaning to power plants should enforce strict emissions standards

As the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) launches its fifth climate assessment report, international investment banks should rapidly take the initiative and apply strict emissions standards in lending to the power sector, writes Eberhard Rhein.
Climate change 22-07-2013

World Bank shows no coal hand, will other public banks follow suit?

With the EIB set to approve a new energy lending policy and the EBRD presenting its new energy strategy, the timely signal sent by the World Bank on the need to quit coal can factor importantly in discussions taking place right now at the European public banks, writes Kuba Gogolewski.
Global Europe 11-05-2012

Fighting the crisis: The role of development banks

Wealthy countries' contributions to development banks are critical to emerging from the world economic crisis, with each euro given enabling significant additional private sector investment and growth, says Imoni Akpofure.
Euro & Finance 28-06-2010

No safe havens for dirty money

Civil society pressure is needed to bring stronger penalties against those harbouring dirty money, write  French Economy, Industry and Employment Minister Christine Lagarde and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the World Bank Group's managing director.
Global Europe 11-04-2005

World Bank on Russia

This article, published by the Centre for Eastern Studies, sums up the findings of a recent World Bank report on the economic situation in Russia.