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Technology 23-10-2013

Europe’s digital economy needs a new foundation

Europe’s digital health requires many things, but without infrastructure investment, rapid digital growth won’t happen, write Alan Marcus and David Dean.
Euro & Finance 17-07-2013

Europe in the global economy: Surprising external strength amid domestic weakness

The EU has maintained its share in global exports over the past decade, whereas other mature economies have seen theirs decline considerably, most notably the US and Japan, says Daniel Gros.

Polishing the jewel in the European crown

Europe needs to improve the ease with which economic activity can take place across national borders. It must complete the single market to boost GDP and create jobs, writes Mark Spelman.
Future EU 11-06-2013

Make MPs think European to boost EU legitimacy

The links between national parliaments and the European Parliament should be strengthened in order to tackle the EU democratic deficit and increase EU legitimacy. A more fundamental reform would be to implement the long-discussed idea of establishing a forum for national parliamentarians in Brussels, writes Charles Grant.
Brexit 06-06-2013

Little England or Imperial Britain? Why the UK must stay in the EU

The British people should have the chance in a referendum to decide whether or not to continue being part of the European project. Although the economic case for for staying in is overwhelming, there is also a moral reason: the one of allowing Britain to shape the destiny of this continent, writes Sir Andrew Cahn.
Future EU 31-05-2013

The risks of a visionless Europe

Europe's recent crisis-driven reforms have been implemented through a piecemeal approach lacking an overarching vision. This method of policymaking comes along with corresponding risks, which can undermine the success of current efforts, writes Danuta Hübner.

Re-inventing Europe’s entrepreneurial spirit

Since the beginning of the economic crisis, self-employment in Europe has become a less attractive option. The next Commission should take an activist approach to promote entrepreneurship and further integrate individual markets, argues Pawel ?wieboda.
Global Europe 15-05-2013

Why the World Needs a Stronger Europe

EU’s tarnished image as a community of nations is alarming. It is therefore essential to create the conditions for a better future in a post-crisis world, not only for Europeans but also for many other global citizens, writes Sinan Ülgen.
Euro & Finance 25-04-2013

Europe’s debt overhang: It is costly being in denial for too long

An unprepared Europe has taken an inordinately long time in dealing with the debt, as a currency without a state is a contradiction. But despite many 'unthinkable' remedies being adopted, Europe has to be more coherent and aggressive in tackling the eurozone crisis because time is running out, writes Loukas Tsoukalis.
Euro & Finance 18-04-2013

The EU should not be blamed for self-inflicted wounds

It’s about time that those in charge of representing European institutions, starting with the president of the European Council and the president of the European Commission, do something serious against national politicians who unjustly try to bash Europe for their own failures, writes Lorenzo Bini Smaghi.
Global Europe 03-04-2013

Redefining the relevance of Europe in an Asian age

With China’s sights set firmly on taking over from the United States as the world’s largest economy in the next decade, Europe’s engagement with China is critical during this transition phase for a number of reasons, write Javier Solana and Kevin Rudd.
Euro & Finance 22-03-2013

Does the eurozone need a budget?

Those proposing that the euro area needs a fiscal shock-absorbing mechanism might better push for a concrete mechanism that could be implemented among a subgroup of member states instead of jumping to the conclusion that all member states be forced to pay a large part of their tax revenues into a euro area budget, writes Daniel Gros.
EU Priorities 2020 22-03-2013

Europe’s moment of truth

Europeans need to hear the truth about the hard realities of the economic and financial crises, writes Ann Mettler.