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Languages & Culture 22-07-2021

UNESCO strips Liverpool of its world heritage status

The English city of Liverpool was removed from UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites on Wednesday (21 July) because new buildings undermined the attractiveness of its Victorian docks, making it only the third site to be removed from the prestigious...
Climate change 05-04-2018

Is Pirin a ‘paper park’? Holding Bulgaria to account for breaking EU nature laws

Pirin national park has become an example of the Bulgarian government's unwillingness to establish the rule of law. When all eyes in Europe are on Bulgaria because of its Presidency of the EU Council, we need to see a strong message from the EU, writes Veselina Kavrakova.

Commission takes Poland to court to stop logging in Białowieża

The European Commission has told Poland to stop large-scale logging in one of Europe's last primaeval forests and has sought a court order to make the country "suspend the works immediately".
Global Europe 10-06-2016

UNESCO’s Bokova praises Commission’s new cultural protection strategy

UNESCO’s Director General Irina Bokova yesterday (9 June) praised the new strategy to put culture at the heart of EU international relations adopted on Wednesday, saying it represented “an important message to the world”.
Development Policy 11-03-2014

UNESCO chief: Education ensures normalcy for millions of displaced Syrians

UNESCO, and other partners such as the EU, is working to ensure that a generation of Syrian refugees receives an education, thereby reducing the chance that they turn to extremism, Irina Bokova, the organisation's director-general, told EURACTIV.
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Development Policy 10-03-2014

UNESCO chief: Education ensures normalcy for millions of displaced Syrians

UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, with other international partners such as the EU, is committed to ensure that there would be not a generation of Syrian refugees who would be illiterate and likely to be recruited by extremists, Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO told EURACTIV.
Development Policy 19-07-2012

UNESCO honours Europe’s industrial legacy

SPECIAL REPORT / Former French and Belgian industrial mining districts were put on the UNESCO World Heritage list this month, joining a swelling number of European venues attempting to convert industrial grit into viable tourism and leisure industries.