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Development Policy 15-03-2017

The EU must take the lead in linking agricultural trade to the SDGs

Trade in agriculture and agricultural products is back in the political spotlight as the WTO's 2013 Trade Facilitation Agreement, the first multilateral trade agreement of this century, enters into force,, writes Jonathan Peel.
Trade & Society 25-10-2016

Why are EPAs taking so long to get off the ground?

Fourteen long years after EPA negotiations were launched, Dr Merran Hulse looks back at the process to examine some of the broad trends contributing to the drawn-out nature of the negotiations, and the remaining obstacles to signature and ratification.
Trade & Society 19-12-2014

The consequences of a crumbling TTIP

A growing number of Europeans see TTIP as selling out Europe's social and environmental standards. Perhaps the EU and the US should have never undertaken this mammoth project, writes Axel Berger.