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Let life in the oceans be a priority for ‘blue growth’

Today, as we celebrate World Water Day, I would like to highlight the issue of so-called ‘blue growth’. Our oceans can offer enormous opportunities to millions of people, but only if their ecosystems are preserved, writes Linnéa Engström.

Report: Coal plants use as much water as 1 billion people and consumption set to double

Coal power plants use enough water to supply the needs of 1 billion people and that will almost double if all the world’s planned power plants come online.

Europe threatened by greater water risks: OECD report

In Europe, the outlook for water-related disasters over the coming decades is bleak due to stress on water systems, increased demand and pollution, says a report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
Agrifood 24-08-2012

Water Week chief: Better management, governance needed

Droughts, poor land use and water access have all contributed to recent volatility in food prices and regional food emergencies. To address such insecurity in food supplies, good water management and governance – as well as reliable early warning systems – are needed, says Jens Berggren, who heads World Water Week that begins on 26 August in Stockholm.
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Climate change 26-03-2012

World Water Day 2012 – Water Stewardship EURACTIV Workshop

Further to the 2007 European Commission's assessment of water scarcity and drought in the EU, the executive presented a set of policy options to increase water savings and to improve financing in existing sectoral policies. Five years later, the Commission is expected to table a 'Blueprint to Safeguard Europe's Water'. In advance of World Water Day 2012, Fondation EURACTIV is pleased to invite you to a roundtable debate to explore answers to these questions.

Water savings often hampered at national level

Efforts to improve water efficiency and avert scarcity are hampered by illegal wells, lack of metering, and in some cases national opposition to tougher European Union standards, analyses of water allocation in agriculture show.

Rival forums set different course for water access

Competing international conferences taking place in Marseille next week both seek to improve global freshwater access but hold radically different views on the private sector's role in reaching that goal.
Global Europe 08-03-2012

Water and sanitation: An opportunity for donors

Europe, the US and other donors have an opportunity to be a more catalytic part of the solution to global water and sanitation needs by strengthening the capacity of developing countries to solve these challenges themselves, writes John Oldfield. 

Plenty of water, but is there enough to drink?

England’s third dry winter in a row has led British authorities to call for conservation measures, while China’s government has warned that two-thirds of the country’s cities face severe water shortages because of drought and rampant consumption.