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French centre-right contenders in final push ahead of presidency choice

Five contenders from France's conservative Republicans party crossed swords in a final debate on Tuesday (30 December) ahead of party members choosing its candidate to take on President Emmanuel Macron in next year's elections.
Elections 15-10-2021

Macron’s secret campaign team points to conservative battle ahead

French President Emmanuel Macron is building an election campaign machine stacked with former conservative insiders, because he has realised he needs to win over more centre-right voters to secure a second term next year.
Elections 27-08-2021

Barnier to run in French presidential centre-right primary

The EU's former chief negotiator on Brexit, Michel Barnier, announced Thursday (26 August) he plans to stand as a right-wing candidate against centrist President Emmanuel Macron in next year's presidential elections, pinpointing limits on immigration as a key policy pledge.
Elections 29-06-2021

Xavier Bertrand emerges as centre-right challenger for French presidency

Xavier Bertrand, a one-time insurance salesman from the French provinces, established himself as a leading contender for next year's presidential election, after his centre-right bloc out-performed rivals in regional votes at the weekend.