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Elections 07-05-2012

The Ancien Régime unravels in Greece

The achievement of only a third of the vote by Greece's traditional conservative and socialist ruling parties marks the end of the old political order, an electoral revolution which could spread to other European countries if the crisis continues, argues Yiannis Roubatis.

Austerity in Greece: Reaching the Breaking Point

    A feeling of doom hovers over Greece as the debt crisis worsens and Greek society is losing faith both in its leaders and their ability to overcome the ever-increasing possibility that in the end the country will not be able to deal with its sovereign debt, argues Yiannis Roubatis.
Euro & Finance 23-06-2011

Barroso and Commission are also to blame for Greek crisis

As EU leaders gather in Brussels to solve the Greek crisis, Athens and Brussels should share the blame for having let the country fall down its slippery slope. Now a new social contract is needed between the EU and its citizens to restore trust, writes former Greek MEP Yiannis Roubatis.