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Elections 28-10-2019

Record numbers of young voters backed AfD in Thuringia state election

The state elections in Thuringia on Sunday (27 October) demonstrated how strong the AfD was among young people under 30, who voted in record numbers for the far-right party. Die Linke (the Left) came in second, while the Greens lagged far behind. EURACTIV's media partner Der Tagesspiegel reports.
Brexit 30-03-2018

With one year to go, UK and EU have much to prove to the young generation

Policymakers on both sides of Brexit negotiations owe a duty of care to the young Britons who overwhelmingly voted “Remain” by delivering a fair deal and putting the future above political intentions, writes Andrianos Giannou.
German social democrat Martin Schulz campaigns in Austria as top candidate for the European Socialists in the upcoming elections. Vienna, March 2014 [SPÖ Presse und Kommunikation/Flickr]
EU Elections 2014 29-04-2014

Online vote match kicks off in Germany

Less than four weeks before the European elections, Germany's Wahl-O-Mat vote matching tool is online: whether or not it can mobilise voters remains to be seen, while Germany's top candidates already seem to like this year’s edition. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Student protest

#Happyvoting campaign sees MEPs dancing to attract young voters

A video showing MEPs dancing in the streets of Brussels, to the tune of Pharrell Williams' "Happy", was launched last month, in the hope of attracting young voters for the next European elections, in May.
Future EU 03-06-2013

Frustrated young voters could reverse declining turnout in EU elections

For decades, elections to the European Parliament have been dismissed as secondary affairs, with turnout declining at every ballot since direct polling began in 1979.