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Economy & Jobs 28-02-2019

Looking back to move forward: Building trans-generational peace in Northern Ireland

Shay McArdle is 21 years old. He lives in Dundalk, Ireland, and has no idea what a hard border looks like or what it was like to live through the 'Troubles'. But he is committed to preserving the state of peace that he was born into.

Europe 2014: Young voices in Europe – whose generation are we?

Today's European young people are "the precarious generation" suffering from the crisis of the welfare state, "passively boomeranging back to their parents' homes once they have run out of options and motivation," write the European Policy Centre's Joana Cruz and Judith Poultney ahead of the launch today (9 July) of a new EPC publication, 'Young Voices Europe'.
Health 25-04-2008

EU teens have bad dietary habits

An EU project on the health of European adolescents reveals that merely 15% of young people eat enough fruit and vegetables, while half of all teenagers get more than a third of their daily energy intake from fat.

Young entrepreneurs compete to promote responsible business

The 2007 Responsible Business Competition has been launched to encourage business leadership skills that take into account social and environmental responsibilities.
Economy & Jobs 21-10-2003

Eurobarometer: Young Eastern Europeans optimistic about their future in EU

A Eurobarometer survey carried out during the spring shows that the majority of young Central Eastern Europeans are more committed to Europe than their counterparts in the EU 15.