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Brexit 19-11-2015

House of Lords backs lowering the EU referendum voting age to 16

The parliament's upper house backed on Wednesday (18 November) lowering the voting age to 16 in a planned referendum on Britain's continued membership of the European Union, a move that could delay the timing of the crucial vote.
Digital & Media 24-09-2013

e-Participation: Fashion or substance?

Online participation is regarded as the silver bullet to catch voters’ interest at the next European election. But will online tools shift the power to the people? Parties and civil society should work to get enough information 'out there', argues Giuseppe Porcaro.
Elections 20-09-2013

EU elections 2014: Online tool aims to get the youth voting

As politicians prepare for the EU elections in 2014, the transparency organisation VoteWatch launched with civil society organisations an initiative to boost young people's interest in European politics and get them to the polling booth.
Elections 17-09-2013

New technologies are key to foster EU transparency and participation

The EU should make better use of new technologies to improve its democratic decision making, transparency and participation. This is key in an election year, at a time when the sense of trust among citizens in its institutions is at an all-time low, writes Marietje Schaake.
Sports 27-10-2006

Programme encourages young people ‘to feel more European’

The EU youth programme 2007-2013 aims to promote young people's active European citizenship.
Languages & Culture 31-08-2006

MEPs want larger ‘European dimension’ in national education programmes

Parliament's education and culture committee highlights the importance of including EU-10 issues in the national education programmes of the EU-15, to offset any lack of information due to decades of post-war division.
EU Priorities 2020 09-12-2005

Top priority for EU is jobs, say young Europeans

Fighting unemployment and the fear of losing jobs to other EU countries are two of young EU citizens' chief concerns as European youth takes centre stage during European Youth Week.
EU Priorities 2020 26-07-2005

Young people trust EU institutions more than national ones

European institutions enjoy more trust among the European youth than the national institutions, reveals a European project on young people and political participation.
Security 12-07-2004

What European Union Strategy for Integrating Migrants?

The success of a common migration policy depends on the successful integration of immigrants into the host society. This conference report adresses what should be the policy objectives of an integration policy at EU level.
Sports 14-06-2004

Viviane Reding, Commissioner for Education and Culture

A "real value for money" project is how commissioner Reding describes the European Year of Education through Sport in an interview with EURACTIV.

After Madrid – avoiding a “clash of civilisations”

This report argues that Europe must tackle root causes of terrorism actively. It examines the path to ensure the security of the Union against terrorism while guaranteeing the rights and civil liberties of Europe's law-abiding Muslim population.
Security 08-04-2004

Police and Judicial Co-operation in Criminal Matters: Will the EU Constitutional Treaty Keep it Toge

This analysis states that while enhanced cooperation on police and security might risk institutional rupture and legal fragmentation, it could also facilitate a “bottom-up” process of successful cooperation in criminal justice.
Security 08-04-2004

The Brussels European Council – A new mood of grim political determination

John Palmer, Political Director of the European Policy Centre, analyses the outcome of the meeting of the Spring European Council 2004.
Future EU 23-07-2003

Really citizens?

The paper argues that the draft European Constitution will make the EU clearly more effective and democratic and the people of the Union will become citizens in the full political sense of the word.
Future EU 02-10-2002

NGOs call on the Convention to guarantee more European citizenship

Three citizens-oriented NGOs are joining forces to put European citizenship on the agenda of the Future EU Convention. To help in the removal of barriers to European citizenship, the European Citizens Action Service (ECAS) launched a special hotline on 1 October 2002.