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Economy & Jobs 17-07-2017

‘Demographic dependency’ casts shadow over employment report

Young people in Europe will be squeezed by shrinking pensions and demographic change, adding pressure to under 25-year-olds who are already weighed down by a stubbornly high unemployment rate.
Youth unemployment
Economy & Jobs 04-04-2017

EU watchdog brands youth unemployment programme a disappointment

An EU programme intended to slash youth unemployment has fallen short of expectations and failed to help enough young people get jobs and training posts, the bloc's watchdog said in a new report.

Malta looks to guide Europe on social issues in upcoming EU presidency

Slovakia’s time at the helm of the EU rotating presidency has not been completely smooth sailing and its successor, Malta, will hope to guide the bloc’s agenda controversy-free. Recent successes in social issues point towards a presidency quite different from the last.

EU urged to strengthen youth guarantee scheme

The European Union’s flagship Youth Guarantee programme has been criticised for yielding disappointing results. Yet, Brussels has been told to invest more money and time in the scheme in order to push down the bloc’s youth jobless rate.
Future EU 26-08-2016

Hollande tries to bring together Europe’s South

At a meeting of socialist leaders yesterday (25 August), French President François Hollande pleaded against the rise of populism. He also announced his participation in another summit of the EU’s southern countries in Athens, on 9 September. EURACTIV France reports.
EU Priorities 2020 22-07-2016

EU budget for 2017: Cohesion down, security up

Payments for cohesion are down by 23.94% in the 2017 draft budget compared to 2016, but payments for the heading “Security and citizenship” are up by 24.42%. The Parliament is yet to give its opinion on what looks like an unusual budget.

Youth Employment Initiative under threat in 2016

The European Parliament hopes to extend EU funding to combat youth unemployment for 2016, but member states are reluctant to renew its funding. EURACTIV France reports
Central Europe 26-10-2015

Kalfin: Expect long discussions over revision of Posted Workers directive

Long and lively discussions in between the member states, and between the member states and the European Parliament, are expected in light of the anticipated revision of the Posted Workers Directive, Ivailo Kalfin, Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria, told a small group of journalists in Brussels.
Youth unemployment

‘Resilience strategies’ help vulnerable youth out of unemployment

SPECIAL REPORT / While it can be tough being unemployed, putting individuals at risk of poverty, the situation can be even worse for vulnerable youngsters who can sink into depression and homelessness.
Euro & Finance 23-06-2015

Socialists hope EFSI won’t turn into another ‘bad experience’

Socialist MEPs took pride in the expected adoption in plenary tomorrow (24 June) of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI).

Auditors unaware if “Youth Guarantee” has provided a single job yet

Officials from the European Court of Auditors (ECA) responsible for screening the flagship Youth Guarantee initiative have admitted that they have yet to see a single young person who has found a job through it.
laszlo Andor

Parliament aims to reinvigorate European Youth Initiative

Unemployment rates in Europe have not fallen, despite the European Youth Initiative coming into force in January 2014. MEPs have raised the alarm, and called for greater financial resources. EURACTIV France reports.
Brian Hayes MEP (IR, EPP) in his first day at the European Parliament. At 44, he will not be part of the new EU40 group [Photo © European Union 2014 - European Parliament]
EU Elections 2014 10-06-2014

Newly elected young MEPs courted from all sides

91 MEPs under the age of 40 were elected to the European Parliament at the May EU elections. Although their number is slightly lower than during the previous legislature, young MEPs “would still represent the third largest political group in the European Parliament,” according to Adam Mouchtar, managing director of the EU40 project.
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Brussels cast doubts on French Youth Initiative

Funding from the EU's Youth Employment Initiative in France was given the green light, but the European Commission has not let up on its criticism of the French version of the scheme. EURACTIV France reports.

EU’s ‘Youth Guarantee’ scheme slacking

So-called “Youth Guarantee" schemes have reduced unemployment of young people in Finland, but expanding the scheme to other European countries has been slow and lacking commitment. EURACTIV France reports.
Youth unemployment

Youth scheme will not tackle unemployment

In the EU youth unemployment is 24%, twice as high as the adult jobless rate. But some countries are struggling more than others. For example, in Greece and Spain, 59% and 56% of young people respectively struggle to find a job.

EU summit to warn youth guarantee laggards

EXCLUSIVE / EU countries that have not yet submitted their national plans to introduce so-called Youth Guarantee schemes will be requested to do so without delay at an EU summit, which opens in Brussels today (19 December).

European leaders intensify pledges against youth unemployment

Twenty-four EU leaders gathered in Paris on Tuesday (12 November) to confirm their commitment to fight youth unemployment, promising to mobilise €45 billion over the next two years to provide youth training and support enterprise creation. EURACTIV France reports.

EU leaders debate youth jobs in Berlin ‘show summit’

Twenty EU leaders have met in Berlin to debate how to spend €6 billion in EU funds to combat record youth unemployment, but a German Social Democrat leader dismissed the summit as a ploy by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Commission denies Germany’s ‘dangerous’ criticism of youth jobs fight

As Germany and France meet today (28 May) over a joint youth employment initiative, EU officials have rebuffed as “groundless” and “dangerous” criticism from the German finance minister that the Commission is failing to address joblessness, EURACTIV Germany reports.

Commission: Soaring unemployment is ‘a tragedy for Europe’

Employment and Social Affairs Commissioner László Andor called new unemployment rates released by Eurostat yesterday (2 April) “unacceptable” and “a tragedy for Europe”. The eurozone has hit the 12% mark for job-seekers, compared to 7.7% in the USA.
EU Priorities 2020 19-02-2013

Only Cameron’s Conservatives defend budget deal in EU Parliament

The first debate held yesterday (18 February) in the European Parliament since EU leaders agreed a budget for 2014-2020 showed widespread opposition to the deal from major political groups. Only the European Conservatives and Reformists group hailed the deal, which needs approval of the Parliament.