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Politics 26-10-2020

A call for quality! Why we must improve the Youth Guarantee

The 2008 financial and economic crisis is still a vivid memory for many of us. With fewer jobs and opportunities available, a whole generation of young people found themselves facing an uncertain future. Years later, the profound and lasting impact...
Future EU 21-05-2018

Tackling EU child poverty through Child Guarantee

Based on figures from 2016, nearly 26.4% of children across the EU are experiencing, or are at risk of experiencing, poverty or social exclusion. But the EU has one potential policy development to deal with this worrying trend, write Joanna Hofman and Katie Stewart.
Economy & Jobs 20-09-2017

Falling youth unemployment is not a reason for complacency

Europe needs to better integrate young people into the labour market if it is to address youth unemployment effectively, writes Denis Pennel.
EU Priorities 2020 20-04-2015

The Juncker Plan in its current form will not solve Europe’s woes

The Juncker Plan is an opportunity to generate much-needed growth in the EU, but its real benefits may be greatly exaggerated, and many issues must be clarified before it can be rolled out, writes Victor Negrescu.

Pushing the Youth Employment Initiative into overdrive

Plans to accelerate the Youth Employment Initiative are a step in the right direction. But we must take care to avoid any unwanted consequences, writes Brando Benifei. 
Allan Päll [Baltic Development Forum/Flickr]

EU states need to get grip on youth unemployment

The dust may have started to settle from the European elections, but the same issues and problems for young people across Europe remain, Allan Päll writes.

Embed social innovation in policy-making to deliver on Europe 2020

We are at a defining point in the development of the European Union. A stronger EU architecture can only be created through more solidarity and innovation, and more efficient social investment. This is what has to be encouraged and also supported, writes László Andor.
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The EU’s misdiagnosis of youth unemployment

Europe is in the midst of the worst economic crisis since the Second World War, leaving a generation of youngsters unemployed. A new approach is required if we are to avoid a devastating impact on social welfare, writes Erik Bjørsted.

A Green Perspective on the Youth Guarantee

The European Greens warn against misusing the EU’s Youth Guarantee programme, by funding it properly, and making it an instrument of empowerment, rather than a tool to “make young people disappear from unemployment statistics”.

Young people must reclaim their future

Stark unemployment figures represent a much broader, depressing reality than just the state of the economy. They also show academic qualifications that no longer hold value, a lack of decent housing, young people being deprived of opportunities to stand on their own two feet - the ways and means towards self-determination, but there are solutions, writes Reinhard Bütikofer.

Political rhetoric is not enough to save a lost generation in Europe

Young people must be given a fair share of the budget of the European Union as they have the right to real investments, not just nice words. The proposed budgets for youth programmes are not enough, writes Peter Matjaši?.