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Economy & Jobs 19-09-2017

Youth (un)employment: What challenges and solutions for Europe?

Youth unemployment is a complex phenomenon affecting millions of young Europeans, their communities and the future of all Member States.
The Youth Guarantee in Spain: How does it work?
Economy & Jobs 07-03-2017

The Youth Guarantee in Spain: How does it work?

More than 4.2 million young people are unemployed in Europe today, with Spain among the worst affected countries. The EU launched the Youth Guarantee as an attempt to turn this situation around, but how does it work? EuroEFE reports.
Economy & Jobs 31-01-2017

Debate: Youth policy in the European Union

At a time of crisis across Europe, how can young people keep their faith in the European project?
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Economy & Jobs 13-11-2013

European leaders intensify fight against youth unemployment

Twenty-four EU leaders gathered in Paris on Tuesday to confirm their commitment to fight youth unemployment, promising to mobilise €45 billion. EURACTIV France reports.
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Economy & Jobs 02-04-2013

Eurozone unemployment hits new record high

Unemployment in the eurozone has hit a new record of 12%, according to official figures released by Eurtostat on Tuesday. In February alone, more than 33.000 people lost their jobs in the 17 countries of the euro area. Eurostat estimates that more than 26 million people in the EU are without work, of whom 19 million are in the euro zone.