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Elections 07-02-2018

2019 elections: The end of old-school ‘politics as usual’?

The countdown to the next European Parliament elections has begun. They are an opportunity to change the way we do politics in Europe, to become more inclusive, turn under-representation into equal representation and ultimately increase the trust in our political leaders. Will European political parties accept the challenge? Luis Alvarado writes.  
Economy & Jobs 11-12-2017

European Solidarity Corps caught in contradictions

In September 2016, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker unexpectedly announced the creation of a European Solidarity Corps. A welcome proposal, but it has been hijacked for enhancing employability instead of focusing on personal development, writes Florian Sanden.

Youth organisations have role to play in tackling violent radicalisation

Europe needs to build communities, provide opportunities for youths and strengthen education efforts in order to overcome the threat of violent extremism, writes Tibor Navracsics.

In Juncker’s Commission youth loses out

Assigning the portfolio for Education to Tibor Navracsics is problematic, writes Peter Matjaši?.

Europe 2014: Young voices in Europe – whose generation are we?

Today's European young people are "the precarious generation" suffering from the crisis of the welfare state, "passively boomeranging back to their parents' homes once they have run out of options and motivation," write the European Policy Centre's Joana Cruz and Judith Poultney ahead of the launch today (9 July) of a new EPC publication, 'Young Voices Europe'.