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Politics 10-07-2020

We must not forget the legacy of Srebrenica

This week we mark 25 years since the Srebrenica genocide carried out against the Bosnian people during the break-up of Yugoslavia. On 11 July, 1995, Bosnian Serb forces led by General Ratko Mladic and Serbian paramilitary units systematically massacred 8,372 men and boys: each one a mother’s son, a father, husband or loved one, to those left behind. It must not be forgotten, writes Anna Fotyga.
Future EU 15-09-2016

What future for Europe?

One of the European Union’s main problems is that we are not sure what it actually is. Žiga Turk asks, is it a free trade area, a giant NGO based in Brussels to do good for Europe and the World, or perhaps a country in the making?
Elections 30-08-2011

‘Leftist’ Slovenia: Economic decline and politicisation of the judiciary

Slovenia under the Social Democrats – who have been in power since 2008 – has declined economically, faces a partial return to Communist-era values and personnel, and has a more politicised justice system than even Ukraine, argues the centre-right Democratic Party of Slovenia.
Central Europe 08-03-2002

Belgrade’s lagging reform: cause for international concern

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS For more than a decade Serbia was the driving force behind much of the instability in the Balkans. Following the overthrow of Slobodan Milosevic on 5 October 2000, it was hoped that Serbia would promptly reform...
Enlargement 13-01-2002

Beyond the Kosovo Elections – The EU Needs to Act

Beyond the Kosovo Elections – The EU Needs to Act The 17 November elections in Kosovo confirmed the prognosis that Ibrahim Rugova and his LDK would win. Two surprising developments that merit attention are the unexpectedly strong showing by Hashim...
Security 21-11-2001

Kosovo: Landmark Election

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS On 17 November 2001, people from Kosovo turned a page in their history by voting in multiparty elections for new self-government institutions. The conduct of the election was generally judged to have been a clear improvement...
Central Europe 04-10-2001

Europe and the Balkans, A Year After Milosevic

In the post-September 11 strategic environment, international attention for the Balkans is dimming. Western priorities are shifting elsewhere – bringing resources with them. A major power realignment is underway, with its unavoidable impact on the region. The historical window of...
Central Europe 23-09-2001

Serbia’s Transition: Reforms Under Siege

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS The 3 August 2001 murder of former State Security (DB) official Momir Gavrilovic acted as a catalyst for the emergence of a long-hidden feud within Serbia’s ruling DOS (Democratic Opposition of Serbia) coalition. Inflamed by Yugoslav...
Enlargement 02-07-2001

Justice for All

The extradition of former Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic to the Hague on 28 June – the anniversary both of the battle of Kosovo in 1389 and of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914 – is a historical turning...