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  • New assistance framework for Yugoslavia adopted

    News | Enlargement 09-01-2002

    The European Commission has adopted a five-year
    strategic framework for its financial assistance to Yugoslavia.
    Under the new strategy, Yugoslavia will receive 960 million
    euro in EU aid over the first three years

  • EU tries to prevent further fragmentation of Yugoslavia

    News | Enlargement 18-12-2001

    The EU's high representative for foreign policy,
    Javier Solana, held talks with Yugoslav officials on 17
    December in an attempt to prevent a final break-up of the
    federation. Serbia's smaller partner in the federation,
    Montenegro, wants to break away from Yugoslavia despite the
    opposition of half of its population.

  • Kosovo: Landmark Election

    Opinion | Security 21-11-2001

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS On 17 November 2001, people from Kosovo turned a page in their history by voting in multiparty elections for new self-government institutions. The conduct of the election was generally judged to have been a clear improvement on …

  • EU satisfied with moderates’ victory in Kosovo election

    News 19-11-2001

    Kosovars abandoned the militants and voted for
    the moderate leader of the Democratic League of Kosovo Ibrahim
    Rugova in Saturday's elections for a new Kosovo provincial
    assembly. Mr Rugova called for the formal recognition of the
    independence of the mainly Albanian-populated Kosovo from

  • EU and Yugoslavia continue talks on stabilisation and association process

    News | Enlargement 08-11-2001

    The EU-Yugoslavia Consultative Task Force met
    for the second time on 6 November in Belgrade to discuss
    Yugoslavia's preparations to participate in the EU
    Stabilisation and Association process for the Balkans. The EU
    and Yugoslavia opened talks on 23 July 2001 that may lead to
    Yugoslavia's conclusion of a Stabilisation and Association
    Agreement and give the country the prospect of EU

  • Europe and the Balkans, A Year After Milosevic

    Opinion | Central Europe 04-10-2001

    In the post-September 11 strategic environment, international attention for the Balkans is dimming. Western priorities are shifting elsewhere - bringing resources with them. A major power realignment is underway, with its unavoidable impact on the region. The historical window of …

  • Serbia’s Transition: Reforms Under Siege

    Opinion | Central Europe 23-09-2001

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS The 3 August 2001 murder of former State Security (DB) official Momir Gavrilovic acted as a catalyst for the emergence of a long-hidden feud within Serbia's ruling DOS (Democratic Opposition of Serbia) coalition. Inflamed by Yugoslav President …

  • European Economic Area 2 in the Balkans?

    News | Central Europe 18-09-2001

    A two-day European Parliament conference in
    Brussels is dealing with the stabilisation and reconstruction
    of the Balkan countries. Germany's Foreign Minister Joschka
    Fischer has proposed the creation of a "European Economic Area
    2" to the five Balkan countries - Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina,
    Croatia, Macedonia and Yugoslavia.

  • Yugoslav Parliament to approve Pesic government

    News | Enlargement 26-07-2001

    Dragisa Pesic, the new Prime Minister of Yugoslavia, presented his cabinet to the parliament in Belgrade on 24 July. In his inaugural speech, Mr Pesic insisted on the necessity of preserving the existence of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) despite separatist threats. The new government intends to set up a platform on the redefinition of relations between Serbia and Montenegro within the FRY.

  • EU and Yugoslavia begin association agreement talks

    News | Enlargement 24-07-2001

    The EU-Yugoslavia Consultative Task Force met
    for the first time on 23 July to discuss the EU Stabilisation
    and Association process, open to the Yugoslav Federation. The
    ultimate aim of the task force is to prepare ground for
    negotiations on a Stabilisation and Association agreement that
    will give Yugoslavia the prospect of EU

  • New Yugoslav prime minister appointed

    News | Enlargement 18-07-2001

    Yugoslav President Vojislav Kostunica has
    appointed former finance minister Dragisa Pesic as prime
    minister and asked him to form a new federal government. The
    previous government resigned at the end of June in protest
    against Slobodan Milosevic's extradition to the UN war crimes
    tribunal in The Hague.

  • Patten against redrawing of Balkans borders

    News | Central Europe 12-07-2001

    EU External Relations Commissioner Patten urges
    Balkan regional integration and opposes redrawing of