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Europe's East 11-12-2019

‘Ukraine at its worst’: Is the new president targeting his predecessor?

Ukraine's State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) has opened a new pre-trial criminal investigation into former President Petro Poroshenko, in an act seen by many as politically motivated and a symbol of Ukrainian politics at its worst.
Europe's East 29-08-2019

Ukraine’s new and unpredictable parliament set for marathon first session

Ukraine's new parliament will meet for the first time on Thursday (29 August), dominated by the party of ex-comedian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy who has an unprecedented chance to fulfil his political ambition of "breaking the system".
Europe's East 01-04-2019

Not an April spoof: Comedian races ahead in Ukrainian presidential election

A comedian with no political experience raced ahead in Ukraine’s presidential election on Sunday (31 March), offering a fresh face to voters fed up with entrenched corruption in a country on the frontline of the West’s standoff with Russia.
Europe's East 27-02-2019

Comedian takes centre stage in Ukraine’s presidential race

In a popular Ukrainian TV series, comedian Volodymyr Zelenskiy plays a president who is scrupulously honest and outwits crooked lawmakers and shadowy businessmen who try to stand in his way.
Europe's East 27-02-2019

Ukraine President’s associate quits in corruption probe ahead of vote

A close associate of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stepped aside from a senior government role on Tuesday (26 February) pending a corruption investigation involving his son a month before the incumbent faces a tough battle for re-election.

Yatsenyuk: Azov Sea tensions reveal lack of cooperation between Ukraine and NATO

In a long-ranging interview, the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk discussed the Azov Sea tensions and the upcoming elections in Ukraine. He reveals that he will probably run next time, giving a chance to Petro Poroshenko to be...
Europe's East 30-03-2016

Tymoshenko dampens hopes for quick end to Ukraine leadership crisis

Ukraine's prospects of forming a new coalition - vital to get IMF loan talks back on track - were thrown into fresh doubt on Tuesday (29 March), after Yulia Tymoshenko demanded the inclusion of her Fatherland Party in the new government.
Europe's East 29-03-2016

Reports: New Ukrainian government in the offing

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk's party has agreed with President Petro Poroshenko's faction and the Fatherland party - all former coalition partners - to form a new alliance, the head of Yatseniuk's People's Front party, said on Monday (28 March).
Europe's East 01-09-2015

Poroshenko brands parliament attack ‘a stab in the back’

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko today (1 September) called yesterday's attack by extremist forces on Ukraine's parliament, in which a police officer was killed and several people were seriously wounded, "a stab in the back".
Michael Emerson
Global Europe 26-11-2014

How Tolstoy might have portrayed the legacies of Yanukovich and Putin

The Kremlin has privileged politico-military-territorial objectives in Ukraine, while ignoring the economic consequences, and this begins to look like a strategic miscalculation, or Tolstoy’s “ill-directed will of one individual, and usurpation of power”, writes Michael Emerson.
Ukrainian woman has cast her vote
Elections 25-05-2014

Ukrainians vote to save their country

Ukrainians vote today (25 May) for a leader they hope will save their country from bankruptcy, dismemberment and civil war, but eastern cities were turned into ghost towns where armed separatist fighters kept polling stations shut.
Europe's East 31-03-2014

‘Chocolate king’ runs as favourite in Ukrainian election

Petro Poroshenko, a 48-year-old billionaire known as the 'Chocolate King' is now the front-runner for the 25 May presidential election in Ukraine, which the new leadership hopes will unite a divided country, amid growing pressure from Russia hostile to its political changes.
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Europe's East 24-02-2014

EU Ashton in Kiev as new government accuses ousted Yanukovich of mass murder

The Ukrainian authorities announced on Monday that ousted president Viktor Yanukovich is wanted on an arrest warrant for mass murder, after Ukrainian police snipers shot anti-government protesters earlier last week. The Commission has so far declined to comment on the arrest warrant, as EU Foreign Affairs chief Catherine Ashton is in Kiev for discussions with party leaders about financial aid to Ukraine. The warrant was issued after Russian-backed Yanukovich fled Kiev by helicopter on Friday, in a failed attempt to reach Russia.
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Europe's East 02-12-2013

Tymoshenko’s daughter: We all thought Yanukovich would sign

On the fourth day of a hunger strike by Yulia Tymoshenko, the jailed former prime minister and main political opponent of President Viktor Yanukovich, her daughter Yevhenia Tymoshenko gave an exclusive interview to EURACTIV in Vilnius.
Europe's East 29-11-2013

Ukraine, EU dig in heels as Vilnius summit opens

The European Union made a last attempt to salvage an historic Association Agreement with Ukraine as the Eastern Partnership summit opened in Vilnius yesterday (28 November). But Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich remained firm that a deal could not be signed in the foreseeable future, while the EU side rejected tripartite talks with Russia as a no-go. EURACTIV reports from Vilnius.
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Europe's East 21-11-2013

Lithuanian Presidency thunderstuck by Ukraine’s decision to put its EU association on ice

>>Read article: Ukraine stuns EU by putting association deal on ice The Ukrainian government has published a decision to stop its preparations to sign an Association Agreement with the EU. The statement says that decision is adopted with the view to elaborate measures vis-a-vis “Russia and other countries from the Community of Independent states”.
Europe's East 30-10-2013

EU makes new bid for deal on Ukraine’s jailed Tymoshenko

European Union mediators resumed a push on Tuesday to secure the release of jailed Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko, with EU politicians warning time was running out before the signing of a landmark trade agreement next month.
Europe's East 25-10-2013

Ukraine: Edging towards the EU?

As they head for Vilnius, European leaders should remember that Tymoshenko and Yanukovych are not the only people in Ukraine who matter, writes Ian Bond.
Europe's East 23-10-2013

EU ministers urge Ukraine to stop bluffing on Tymoshenko

Two European Union ministers urged Ukraine on Tuesday to stop "bluffing" and reach a deal on the release of jailed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko because time was running out.
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Europe's East 21-10-2013

Brussels tells Russia to stop pressuring Ukraine over closer EU ties

European foreign ministers have warned Russia to stop putting pressure on Ukraine, as the former Soviet country seeks closer ties with the EU. Gathering in Luxembourg on Monday, the EU's  foreign ministers are discussing Ukraine’s progress towards the signing of a free trade deal with the EU during the Eastern Partnership summit next November. But Moscow has been pressuring the ex-soviet member to join the Moscow-led customs union instead, reminding Ukraine of its heavy dependance on Russian gas.
Europe's East 13-10-2013

Minister: Positive outcome on the ‘Tymoshenko issue’ is expected

A positive outcome is expected in the case of the jailed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, which is currently the subject of negotiations between the Ukrainian government and the EU, Leonid Kozhara, Ukraine's foreign minister has told journalists in Kyiv.
Europe's East 07-10-2013

Solution emerging on Tymoshenko’s case: reports

EU envoys formally asked Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich to pardon his jailed opponent Yulia Tymoshenko, while she signalled for the first time that she was ready for an agreement that would send her to Germany.
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Europe's East 30-08-2013

Putin ‘deserved medal’ for pushing Ukraine toward EU

A Ukrainian opposition leader humourously said yesterday (29 August) that by staging a trade war against Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin had “deserved a medal” for boosting the chances of Kyiv to sign its Association Agreement with the EU in November. Arseniy Yatsenyuk, leader of the party Batkivschchyna of jailed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, said that after the Vilnius Eastern Partnership summit on 28 and 29 November, when Ukraine is expected to sign its EU Association Agreement, he would ask that Putin be awarded for achieving this goal.
Europe's East 26-07-2013

Verheugen slams Berlin’s handling of EU-Ukraine relations

Günter Verheugen, a former European Commission vice president and heavyweight in Germany's Social Democratic party (SDP), said he saw “double-standards” in the German government's handling of Ukraine's bid to conclude an association agreement with the EU.