Agrifood 26-11-2021

Media Partnership – Cooperativism and the ESG Agenda

In this event, the Organization of Brazilian Cooperatives discussed how to make a successful story for small producers in the international market, while a representative of the country Ministry for Agriculture delivered the country efforts to enhance this phenomenon from a legislative perspective.
Politics 26-11-2021

Tweets of the week: Avengers, Ikea, CAP

German coalition divides up powers, CAP reform is mixed news for ploughers, and Swedish PM out after just four hours.
Transport 25-11-2021

Media Partnership – Options for a sustainable Irish transport system: how to achieve carbon neutrality?

You can watch and find out about the best strategies to reduce the carbon footprint of the Irish transport sector, with panellists from Brazil, Ireland and Sweden.
Botswana 25-11-2021

Over a coffee with Mokgweetsi Masisi, President of Botswana

In this Over a Coffee, Botswana’s President Mokgweetsi Masisi and EURACTIV editor Benjamin Fox talk about his government’s handling of the pandemic and its economic and social effect, Botswana’s plans to overhaul its economy and EU relations.
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Health 24-11-2021

Connecting the Dots – a video series presented by MedTech Europe

Medical science has improved rapidly, raising life expectancies around the world. But as longevity increases, so too does the demand on healthcare services with rising costs and an overstretched workforce struggling to meet its patients’ needs.

On the road to a greener economy in Kazakhstan – How can the EU help?

Watch this EURACTIV Virtual Conference to see how close relations between the EU and Kazakhstan can help the greening of the Kazakh economy and transport sector.  
Health 22-11-2021

Romanian football fans and sustainability

In the framework of the LIFE TACKLE project, we not only look at professionals in the sporting sector but also at the fans, who breathe so much life into football.
Politics 19-11-2021

Tweets of the Week: CopOut, EU Mascots and a Doppelganger

Cop26 drops a clanger, shark mascot is an absolute banger, and  Olaf Scholz has surprising doppelganger.
Non-discrimination 17-11-2021

Discrimination in Europe in times of COVID – How to combat it?

Discrimination in Europe is a topic high on the agenda of European leaders and policymakers. But despite all the legislation and policy aimed at its prevention, questions remain as to whether these laws and rules are being applied effectively.

NGO’s ‘set fire’ to protest use of forest biomass

On Monday (November 15) a group of activists gathered in front of the European Parliament in Brussels to protest against production of bioenergy in Europe by burning wood.

Fit for 55: How to deliver ambitious climate targets while protecting consumers?

The EU Commission “Fit for 55” places Europe as the global leader on climate ambition. The EC package has charted a path to reach further decarbonisation in 2030, with a special focus on decarbonising transport and buildings.

The role of electrolytic hydrogen in the clean energy transition

Today, 95% of the hydrogen produced in Europe is of fossil origin and a major emitter of CO2. For the EU to achieve carbon neutrality, hydrogen must be produced in a way that emits low amounts of CO2.

Boosting citizen engagement might not be enough to save democracy

To fight democratic backsliding and strengthen local democracy, cities have developed creative tools to boost citizen engagement, such as participatory budgeting and regional consultations. These forms of public participation are meant to bring democracy closer to citizens, giving them a...
Digital & Media 12-11-2021

Media Partnership: Leading-edge semiconductors: a cornerstone for Europe’s digital future

Rewatch this Intel event, in partnership with our media partner EURACTIV, to learn more about the importance of leading-edge semiconductors for the European economy.

Media Partnership – Cracking the decarbonization code: How to put buildings at the core of the Fit for 55 package?

Buildings are at the center of our daily lives, where we work, live and rest. On average, people spend 80% of their lives inside buildings – from office buildings, schools, hospitals, to homes. With the Covid 19 crisis, we have never spent so much time indoors since the last 18 months.
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5 Areas of Improvement in the CBAM proposal

Because of the aluminium industry’s unique challenges, the current Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) proposal will not contribute to reducing global CO2 emissions across our sector, but will accelerate the investment and employment leakage trend European industries have experienced over the past decades.
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Politics 09-11-2021

What way forward for European trade associations: EURACTIV panel discusses post-pandemic advocacy trends

The health crisis had heavily impacted the way trade associations communicate, convene, engage and operate. The positioning of the sector at the core of the EU policy-making ecosystem means that such changes will be felt far beyond Brussels.
Circular economy 09-11-2021

Working towards a stronger Circular Economy – How much regulation is needed?

In order to achieve the EU’s 2050 climate neutrality target, the European Commission is planning to announce new initiatives addressing the entire life cycle of products.
Politics 05-11-2021

Tweets of the Week: G20, COP26, Council of Europe

Leaders toss coin for photo-op, It’s not easy getting into COP and Council of Europe debate, please just stop. 
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Health 05-11-2021

Preparing Europe and the world for future health crisis: lessons learnt from COVAX and the future of HERA

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught policymakers and stakeholders many lessons related to crisis management through coordinated action. However, the greatest challenge facing Europe and the rest of the world is to be prepared for future health emergencies. The roundtable brought...
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Health 04-11-2021

The FAO/WHO definition of probiotics’ 20th anniversary

20 years ago the FAO/World Health Organization definition of #probiotics was launched during the conference in Cordoba, Argentina.
Agrifood 04-11-2021

Policy Dialogue: Can Glyphosate play a role in achieving greater biodiversity?

The question of how to achieve sustainable agriculture and a balanced relationship between the environment, farmers and consumers is more and more pressing.
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Digital & Media 03-11-2021

#Media4Europe Conference: Business transformation of NEWS through Content Sharing, Data and Stars4Media

On 6 October 2021  Europe's MediaLab organised a #Media4Europe conference on  “Business Transformation of NEWS: Content sharing, Data and Stars4Media”.
Health 29-10-2021

Media Partnership: Upskilling & Reskilling as part of the Well-Being of the European Workforce

Current major issues have profoundly changed the way we work, highlighting the crucial needs for European societies to constantly develop the skills of workers and their well-being.